Southeast Sustainability


Southeast Sustainability

FSC Wood and Pine Straw Products from the Southeast 

Worldwide demand for local, green, sustainable, natural wood products has been increasing due to strong consumer choices to follow a product’s journey from the forest floor to the finished product. Since 2011, the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association's FSC Group Certificate Program has helped build a community of local landowners that pursue innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to forest management and timber marketing. This in turn has provided market opportunities to smaller, local landholders who are actively engaged in sustainable, environmentally friendly, and best social practices, as well as providing an environmentally friendly source of wood products from the southeast.

Who We Are

While our group certificate holder, the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association, is based in Montgomery, Alabama, we have members located in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi, and are looking to increase participation in our certificate throughout the southeast. Our partners include the National Wildlife Federation, Alabama Farmers Federation, and LRLEAN and TUCCA providing support to our efforts and services to assist landowners obtain FSC certification. Please visit the Membership page to find out additional information about joining our group certificate.

Our FSC Certified Forest Products

We currently produce 100% FSC certified saw logs from a growing base of over 68,000 certified acres in the southeast. Our saw logs are optimal for producing products needed for LEED certification, pulpwood, softwood products, and much more. We also have FSC certified pine straw from longleaf stands; we are currently the only group certificate in the world to offer sustainable, certified pine straw for your needs. If you are interested in learning more about the resources we offer, please visit FSC Wood Products and FSC Pine Straw.